All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween and greetings. We here at Jack’s Attic consider Halloween a holy day. The one day of the year when all that is dark, mysterious and scary is brought to the forefront of our collective imaginations and is paraded through our streets and homes without a second’s thought. The one day of the year that it is not only appropriate but actually expected to be scary, to cover yourself in fake blood, to watch horror movies all night long, to visit graveyards at midnight and to dare each other to go up to the door of that old abandoned house that everyone says is haunted. This is why we love Halloween.

As mentioned last week, we have been working on a new, limited edition pendant that we hoped to have ready for today. Unfortunately, it is not. It could have been all the horror movies we’ve been watching, it could have been the extra time we put into our costumes or all the time spent in darkened rooms listening to scary stories. Whatever our Halloween indulgences were they kept us from putting the finishing touches on our new design. For this we apologize. Starting tomorrow we will be back in the workshop diligently working on the new pendant. If all goes well we hope to have it ready for your consideration on Sunday, November 2, 2008. So, check back in later this weekend to take a look at the new, handmade, dark art pendant design. Until then, have a safe Halloween. Remember tonight is the one night of the year when the wall separating the world of the living and the world of the dead is at it’s thinnest. That person walking towards you in the really great ghost costume tonight as you Trick or Treat may just be an actual specter.

Published by Jack

Graphic designer fixated on retro video games, horror movies, trading cards, bootleg action figures and professional wrestling.

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