Goody Brewster our Latest Dark Art Pendant Design

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On the morning of July 15, 1692, Goody Brewster, the wife of the village grave digger, Benjamin Brewster was marched to the edge of Terryman Point. She was bound in rope and before the gathering crowd, Sheriff Corwin attempted one last time to elicit an admission of guilt from the accused woman. Spitting in his face, Goody Brewster again denied being in league with the minions of Satan or of having harmed any of the village children. Reverend Mather then stepped forward, asked the Lord to forgive Goody Brewster and then pushed her over the edge of Terryman Point.

A short time later, stories were told of sightings of Goody Brewster outside of windows and in trees on stormy evenings. Some in the village even attributed crop failure and the death of live stock to her spirit.

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Inspired by the true life tales of the Salem With Trials, Goody Brewster, is our latest handmade, dark art pendant design.  This latest addition to our collection is now available in our Etsy Shoppe. While there be sure to peruse the rest of our collection and remember that all orders placed between now and January 1, 2009, will receive FREE shipping.

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