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Jack’s Attic has returned from a brief summer sabbatical spent in the workshop refining our craft, conceiving new designs and instituting a new macabre curiosity we are sure will please. To usher in this new chapter in our development we’re introducing price cuts on all of our handmade creations. All pendants previously priced at $20 are now $15 and all $12 pendants are now $10.

In addition to these price cuts we’re also proud to announce the latest additions to our dark art collection: Adam’s Revenge and Doug.

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More information on these additions to our macabre collection of handmade darkness can be found below.

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“You can blast my other passions, but revenge remains — revenge, henceforth dearer than light of food! I may die, but first you, my tyrant and tormentor, shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery.” – Mary Shelley Frankenstein

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Adam’s Revenge is our latest handmade, dark art pendant design. This new addition to our macabre collection is now available in our ArtFire Studio as well as our Etsy Shoppe for $15.

Doug Single Front WordPress Size

“The old timers warned us about playing with the channeling board around Hallowe’en.

Doug tempted fate.

On a moonless autumn night in the darkest corner of the village cemetery he used the board to contact the other side. Some unnamed darkness came through and took him over. From then on he roamed the swamps attacking anyone foolish enough to stray from the village.”

Doug Group 2 WordPress Size

In folk-magic and some forms of witchcraft, a poppet is a doll made to represent an individual, for the purpose of casting spells on that person.

In a unique departure from our usual handcrafted jewelry creations, Jack’s Attic is proud to present our latest dark art offering. Doug is the first in a planned series of limited edition hand painted, primitive, wooden poppets. Each poppet measures approximately two (2) and 5/16 inches tall. Limited to a series of only ten (10) pieces, each poppet is hand painted and distressed to create a worn and antiquated affect wholly unique to each figure. Packaged with a hand numbered and signed custom header card each piece also bears corresponding hand numbering as well.

Five pieces (5) are available in our ArtFire Studio and the remaining five (5) are available in our Etsy Shoppe for $10 a piece.

Doug Packaging WordPress Size

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