31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 18

31 Days of Horror Day 18Dark Minds Haunted Attraction – Alpena, Michigan

Billed as “one of the world’s largest haunted attractions”, Dark Minds has been held annually in Alpena Armory since 2003.

This year’s $9.50, 20-30 minute long walkthrough was a really well done affair featuring passionate actors that really give it their all with sets and props which are way above average for a smaller town like Alpena.

Some of the horrors you’ll encounter are:  a masked madman shoving “live” sparking electrical wires into your face, a decontamination area that leads directly into an asylum overrun with legions of zombies, a very Satanic looking goat headed demon fellow, a log cabin interior with a resident chainsaw wielding psychopath and a particularly creepy and effect hanging woman gag that will definitely leave you and your friends talking well after you’ve walked out the exit.

Another nice touch is that Dark Minds will take a Hidden Scare Photo of you and your friends somewhere in the haunt.  Not only do you get to see the stupid look on your face as you flinch, scream and cower in fear but the best part is, the photo is free!

The haunt runs through November 2, 2014.  Find out more info HERE and follow them on Facebook HERE.


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