Jack’s Summer Solstice Sale! Dark Art Pendants Only $8 Shipped!

Check out our Artfire Studio for a selection of dark art pendants available for only $8 shipped! Look for the items marked with the orange “SALE” banners.

Jack’s Attic Presents: Chernobyl: Radiation Poisoning and “The Princess” – Our Latest Handmade, Dark Art Pendants

Radiation Poisoning is an updated variant of our original Chernobyl design. Complete with blood red Swarovski crystal eyes this latest addition to our macabre collection is limited to five (5) pieces and is available exclusively in our ArtFire Studio for $12. Doctor: Princess, tell me what happened on Christmas, 22 years ago in Lowell. MaryContinue reading “Jack’s Attic Presents: Chernobyl: Radiation Poisoning and “The Princess” – Our Latest Handmade, Dark Art Pendants”

I am Jack’s Package

We here at Jack’s Attic are always trying to improve on the appearance and presentation of our handmade, dark art creations. One such cosmetic factor that aids in distinguishing our “brand” is our packaging. We just picked up these new header cards from the printers and are extremely pleased with the results. What do youContinue reading “I am Jack’s Package”

Edgar and Wendigo – Jack’s Latest Pieces of Handmade Darkness

Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? The demonic presence which possesses humans to commit wanton acts of cannibalism. These new additions to our growing collection of macabre curiosities are currently available in our ArtFire Studio as well as our Etsy Shoppe.

A Closer Look: Doug – Limited Edition Wooden Poppet

When designing this limited edition, primitive, wooden poppet, we here at Jack’s Attic wanted to create a piece that culled together several areas of varied inspiration. Firstly, we wanted to fashion a collectible artwork that had the look and feel of an antiquated, olde world style, wooden peg figure. Simple wooden figures such as thisContinue reading “A Closer Look: Doug – Limited Edition Wooden Poppet”