Dead Charlotte: Bootleg resin mini-figure available NOW!

Dead Charlotte Available HERE NOW!



Dead Charlotte – Bootleg Resin Mini-Figure 8.21.15


Dead Charlotte is the latest bootleg resin mini-figure release from Jack’s Attic.

Drawing inspiration from an 1843 cautionary poem, Dead Charlotte is the first in what will be an ongoing series of antiquated releases dubbed, “the vintage line”.

DeadCharlotteFinal5Cast in bone white resin, Dead Charlotte will come packaged in a natural, kraft chipboard box with a vintage style outer sleeve.

DeadCharlotteFinal6Each individually numbered figure will be wrapped in a worn piece of flannel secured with a length of natural jute cord and come nestled in a bed of aged Spanish moss.

DeadCharlotteFinal9Standing just under two (2) inches tall, Dead Charlotte has been carefully hand distressed to give her an aged look.  Coupled with the vintage packaging the overall experience invokes a dated feeling.  Of finding a forgotten treasure tucked away in a dark corner of your grandparent’s attic.  Something from an earlier time.  Something strange and a bit dark.

DeadCharlotteFinal11      Dead Charlotte will be available in a limited edition of 50 hand cast, painted and packaged figures.  Stop by Jack’s STORE on Friday, August 21, 2015, at 12:30 PM EST, to pick one up for only $8. DeadCharlotteFinal14Also available on the 21st will be a deluxe two (2) figure set limited to 10 pieces.DeadCharlotteFinal12Packaged in a hinged, metal tin this set will feature a standard “bone” Dead Charlotte figure and a ghostly glow-in-the-dark version as well.DeadCharlotteFinal13This two (2) piece deluxe edition will be available for $13.

Happy Friday the 13th – Weekend at the Lake on Sale for $20

F13 Sale 2In honor of Friday the 13th, our bootleg resin action figure, Weekend at the Lake is 50% off, that’s only $20 (shipping included)!  Act fast though, because once Friday the 13th ends, so does the sale.  Pick up your figure HERE.Weekend at the Lake Final 2 Blog SizeAvailable in one of 3 different colorways (blue, red or yellow) (Colors chosen at random)Weekend at the Lake Final 15 Blog Size Special chase variant pink shirt.

Shadowed Michigan Trading Cards – Series No. 3 – Now Available

Now available in our Artfire Shop for $6 a pack is the latest installment of the Shadowed Michigan Trading Card series.

Series No. 3 features cards of The Paulding Light, H.H. Holmes, The Ridgeway Monster, Flight 2501 and The Ada Witch.

Each hand numbered wax style pack is limited to 40 and contains all five (5) Series No. 3 cards.

Look for randomly inserted antiquated parallel base cards aged to look decades old.

Also, be on the lookout for randomly inserted hand numbered to six (6) Paulding Light “Glow Effect” cards.

Each card features original artwork and and a detailed re-telling of each shadowed legend.

Also in our Artfire Shop look for the Shadowed Michigan Trading Card bundle.  This discounted set contains all 15 Series No. 1, 2 and 3 cards for $15.

Hearts on Fire

Our “The Death of Love – Blue Variant” pendant had been featured in a Member Curated Collection at Artfire. “The Death of Love” and all of our dark art collection is available in our ArtFire Studio and as always with Artfire no account is needed to make purchases and several payment options are available.

Jack’s Severed Finger Halloween Invites

Oh Martha Stewart, bless her heart. For as wholesome and cookie cutter cutesy as she appears (aside from that whole stock trading scandal and the subsequent prison sentence) every year she always rolls out a ton of killer Halloween decorations, tips and tricks. One of her more popular and creepy Halloween ideas was her Severed Finger invitations. While a great idea and very sophisticated, the plain white fingers and simple black ribbon left me wanting more.
Finger Invites 4
First off I decided to make the fingers look as realistic as possible. To accomplish that I made a mold of my own right pinkie finger and then cast the invites in a sickly dead green color, finished with a dirty black wash.
Finger Invites 3
Next, I wanted to make the fingers look like they were actually severed. I did this by sculpting some flesh tears on the end of each finger and adding a splash of red paint to simulate blood.

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New Dark Art Pendant Designs and Free Shipping!

The Tree of Death V2.0

Tree of Death 2.0 Trio


Coffinwood Trio
Blood Skull (1 of 1)

Blood Skull Front

The Tree of Death V2.0, CoffinWood and Blood Skull are the latest additions to our growing collection of handmade dark art curiosities now available in our ArtFire Studio for only $10 each.

Also don’t forget, Jack’s Attic is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders now through October 31, 2010.


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