Jack’s Severed Finger Halloween Invites

Oh Martha Stewart, bless her heart. For as wholesome and cookie cutter cutesy as she appears (aside from that whole stock trading scandal and the subsequent prison sentence) every year she always rolls out a ton of killer Halloween decorations, tips and tricks. One of her more popular and creepy Halloween ideas was her Severed Finger invitations. While a great idea and very sophisticated, the plain white fingers and simple black ribbon left me wanting more.
Finger Invites 4
First off I decided to make the fingers look as realistic as possible. To accomplish that I made a mold of my own right pinkie finger and then cast the invites in a sickly dead green color, finished with a dirty black wash.
Finger Invites 3
Next, I wanted to make the fingers look like they were actually severed. I did this by sculpting some flesh tears on the end of each finger and adding a splash of red paint to simulate blood.

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