Headcheese – Bootleg Resin Action Figure – NOW AVAILABLE!

Headcheese-233Modeled after the timeless peg figures of our childhood, Kill People reflects a more modern, less innocent and decidedly more dangerous form of play.

Available NOW! HERE!

Headcheese-25“The Kill People are ready to launch little ones into a world of disturbing play with homicidal toys designed for little hands.”

– Mother’s Day October 1978 issue

Headcheese-585 total figures available in seven (7) different variants with at least eight (8) and as many as thirty (30) of each design up for grabs.
Headcheese-28Headcheese-24Each figure comes in a custom hand numbered resealable clam shell case.


Headcheese – The next bootleg resin figure from Jack’s Attic

IMG_20160801_120035Headcheese – The next Kill People bootleg resin figure release from Jack’s Attic. Dropping Friday, August 19 at 12:30 PM EST.

Available in our store HERE.

31 Days of Horror – Day 29: Session 9

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-29Brad Anderson’s criminally underrated psychological thriller filmed at the actual Danvers State Insane Asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts. Session 9 finds an asbestos abatement crew dealing with the real or imagined specters that still haunt the disturbed walls of the asylum.

31 Days of Horror – Day 14: The Last Broadcast

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-13From IMDb:  “Bristling with equipment, two enthusiastic local access cable TV producers recruit an assistant and venture into a forest in search of the mythical and horrifying Jersey Devil. Days later, only one of the trio emerges. He becomes the prime suspect in the disappearances of the other two. However, a local filmmaker examines extensive footage found at the scene and arrives at a different conclusion.”

31 Days of Horror – Day 11: Halloween 6 – Producer’s Cut

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-11Not too bad of a sequel. Daniel Farrands and company did their best in trying to sort out the “Thorn” cult nonsense touched upon in Halloween 5. But trying to explain Michael Myers’ motivation and tying it to an ancient Druidic cult, constellations, and bloodlines etc. made the movie a lot less scary, less about Michael and more about a weird cult that was tacked onto the end of part 5 with no real direction planned out. However, the Producer’s Cut did keep Jamie Loyd around a bit longer and had more Dr. Loomis. Plus it’s always fun watching a babyfaced Paul Rudd chew through scenes as an off-kilter, grown up Tommy Doyle. All in all, not the worst sequel (Resurrection) but far from the best (Part II).

31 Days of Horror – Day 2: Dogman Double Feature

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-2Set in and filmed in northern Michigan, this local thriller is a solid, low budget affair dripping with a ton of atmosphere, has a solid script and above par acting for a smaller film. From MichiganDogman.com: “Dogman follows Hanklin Purvis, a strong-willed outdoorsman, and his wife Dorothy, as they face a series of mysterious events. Things are disappearing from their farm, strange sounds emanate from the woods, and people are being attacked by something they are too frightened even to describe. The terror grows when a century-old scrapbook reveals that this creature has appeared before, and that encounters with him can be deadly.” While I’ve seen the original Dogman, Dogman II – Wrath of the Litter, I’ll be watching for the first time tonight.