31 Days of Horror – Day 15: The Zombie Survival Guide

31 Days of Horror – Day 15: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. You can never be too prepared for when the undead rise. This book will be your greatest ally. 1. Organize before they rise! 2. They feel no fear, why should you? 3. Use your head: cut off theirs. 4. Blades don’tContinue reading “31 Days of Horror – Day 15: The Zombie Survival Guide”

31 Days of Horror – Day 4: The Walking Dead: Season 5

Currently burning through Season 5 of ‪The Walking Dead on ‎Netflix. I wanted to try and ration the season out and make it last until the end of the month but it’s been pretty damn spectacular thus far and I don’t see that happening.

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 3

I Sell the Dead (2008) is writer and director Glenn McQuaid’s throwback love letter to Universal and Hammer gothic-horror films.  Starring Dominic Monaghan of Lord of the Rings and Lost fame as Arthur Blake, director/actor Larry Fessenden as Willie Grimes and the always welcome Ron Perlman, I Sell the Dead follows the exploits of aContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 3”

Jack’s Attic at Tape Eaters

Jack’s Attic will be at the 3rd Annual Tape Eaters VHS Convention today in Ann Arbor passing out/hiding/dropping/throwing some one-off Zombie Disuko Smasher bootleg mini-figures. We cast 20 of these guys in some unique colors and in the process destroyed our mold, so once these ones are gone they will never be produced again.  SeeContinue reading “Jack’s Attic at Tape Eaters”

Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set – NOW AVAILABLE!

Now available in our SHOP for only $12 is our latest bootleg resin release:  Zombie Disuko Smasher.Based on the incredibly obscure 1987 Famicom game of the same name, this three (3) piece mini figure set depicts the main protagonists of the game:Zombie Disuko Smasher:  An undead bouncer at the toughest disco club in Tokyo SpaceContinue reading “Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set – NOW AVAILABLE!”

Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set

A zombie disco bouncer?  An alien sumo wrestler?  An Akido master possessed by Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead? Yup. Jack’s Attic is proud to present our next bootleg resin action figure release:  Zombie Disuko Smasher.  A three (3) piece mini figure set based on the completely insane and obscure 1987 Famicom game “ZombieContinue reading “Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set”

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut Comic Book Advertisement

I’ve written about Resident Evil: Director’s Cut before and while we here in the United States got shafted in regards to the “uncensored” content we were promised in the re-release of the original Resident Evil, the comic book and magazine advertising held nothing back.  Admittedly, I haven’t been reading a lot of comic books latelyContinue reading “Resident Evil: Director’s Cut Comic Book Advertisement”