31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 7

31 Days of Horror Day 7Castlevania II:  Simon’s Quest (1987)


Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set – Available 5/28/14

Zombie Disuko Smasher 1Touching down in our SHOP on May 28, 2014, is our latest bootleg resin release:  Zombie Disuko Smasher.
Zombie Disuko Smasher 9Based on the incredibly obscure 1987 Famicom game, this three (3) piece mini figure set depicts the main protagonists of the game:
Zombie Disuko Smasher:  An undead bouncer at the toughest disco club in Tokyo
Space Sumo:  An alien that came to Earth to study the noble art of the Sumo
Akubis:  An Akido master who upon dying in a tournament was possessed by the Egyptian god of the dead
Zombie Disuko Smasher 10Each figure set comes with a perforated three (3) panel trading card.  The back of each panel shows you how to perform that character’s hyper attack!Zombie Disuko Smasher 13The whole set comes bagged and attached to a vintage game cartridge acting as a header card.  (Game no longer functions, sorry.)
Zombie Disuko Smasher 8-1As an added bonus, one order at random will be chosen to receive an additional three (3) piece figure set cast in the retro M.U.S.C.L.E. colorway!  Free of charge!
Zombie Disuko Smasher 12Zombie Disuko Smasher will be limited to a hand numbered edition of seven (7) and will be available HERE for $12.

Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set

Zombie Disuko Smasher Teaser Figures 2A zombie disco bouncer?  An alien sumo wrestler?  An Akido master possessed by Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead?


Jack’s Attic is proud to present our next bootleg resin action figure release:  Zombie Disuko Smasher.  A three (3) piece mini figure set based on the completely insane and obscure 1987 Famicom game “Zombie Disuko Smasher”.

Find out more when it touches down in our SHOP on May 28, 2014.

* disuko is the Japanese word for disco

The Zombie Reporting Center

We here at Jack’s Attic wanted to give an appreciative tip of the hat to the fine undead gentlemen at The Zombie Reporting Center.  They recently featured our latest handmade, dark art pendant, Baron Samedi on their site.

For those of you that do not know The Zombie Reporting Center is THE foremost authority on all things shambling and pulseless.  With an amazingly thorough archive of zombie movies, books, comics, video games, action figures, clothing and now jewelry, they are without a shadow of a doubt your one stop zombie shop.  With articles and reviews smartly written by people that not only love but really know their zombies this is a site you need to bookmark and check out on a daily basis.  You’ll find something new just about everyday.

So, go check ’em out and don’t forget to aim for the head.