31 Days of Horror – Day 16: Manhunt (Playstation 2)

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-16Controversy abounds with this nasty little gem from Rockstar. In Manhunt you play as James Earl Cash, a death row inmate who on the night of his execution is kidnapped and forced to participate in a series of live “snuff” films. At it’s heart, Manhunt is a stealth game as you sneak through a series of decaying urban settings avoiding detection and ultimately death. Being outnumbered and out armed, Cash must hide in the shadows only emerging to kill an enemy until none remain. Patience and restraint is paid off with some of the most realistically depicted video game violence as Cash dispatches his enemies. The kills pushed the envelope when it came to on screen violence and the game was banned in several countries. Dark, gritty, and violent the game is scored with a superb, ominous synth soundtrack reminiscent of John Carpenter’s early work. The whole Manhunt experience comes across as a super violent interactive movie (especially when you kill someone and the screen goes all VHS and has tracking lines and “REC” in the upper corner).


Kill People: 8Bit13 bootleg resin action figure available NOW!

8Bit13 Available HERE NOW!  $30! GO!  GO!  GO!


Kill People 8Bit13 – 4/25/2015

F13KillPeopleFinal4Kill People 8Bit13, is the latest bootleg resin action figure from Jack’s Attic.  Dropping on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at 12:00 PM EST for $30, this release is limited to only twenty (20) hand numbered and signed pieces.

F13KillPeopleDeluxeArriving in the familiar blue and purple colorway of a certain video game camp slasher, this Kill People release will come attached to a vintage, repurposed Nintendo cartridge complete with a custom authentic style game label and hang tag ready for display.

F13KillPeopleFinal5Each figure will also include a scratch-off trading card for an opportunity to win a one-of-a-kind “Bloody Gold” variant figure.

F13KillPeopleFinal3Be sure to check out our STORE on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at 12:00 PM EST, you won’t want to miss this release.  It will sell fast.


Crystal Lake Prom – 8-Bit Edition – Now Available – $20

$20.  Now.  Here.

Crystal Lake Prom - 8-Bit Edition 6
Dust off that old gaming console. It’s time to head back to Crystal Lake during a simpler more pixelated time.

Crystal Lake Prom - 8-Bit Edition 3
Crystal Lake Prom – 8-Bit Edition is limited to only five (5)  pieces, stands a lofty 6 inches tall and features three (3) points of magnetic articulation.

Each piece will arrive poly bagged with a hand numbered custom header card and come packaged with a Jack’s Attic sticker.

Available NOW in our SHOP for only $20!

Crystal Lake Prom - 8-Bit Edition 5
Crystal Lake Prom - 8-Bit Edition 4

Zombie Disuko Smasher – Bootleg Mini Figure Set – Available 5/28/14

Zombie Disuko Smasher 1Touching down in our SHOP on May 28, 2014, is our latest bootleg resin release:  Zombie Disuko Smasher.
Zombie Disuko Smasher 9Based on the incredibly obscure 1987 Famicom game, this three (3) piece mini figure set depicts the main protagonists of the game:
Zombie Disuko Smasher:  An undead bouncer at the toughest disco club in Tokyo
Space Sumo:  An alien that came to Earth to study the noble art of the Sumo
Akubis:  An Akido master who upon dying in a tournament was possessed by the Egyptian god of the dead
Zombie Disuko Smasher 10Each figure set comes with a perforated three (3) panel trading card.  The back of each panel shows you how to perform that character’s hyper attack!Zombie Disuko Smasher 13The whole set comes bagged and attached to a vintage game cartridge acting as a header card.  (Game no longer functions, sorry.)
Zombie Disuko Smasher 8-1As an added bonus, one order at random will be chosen to receive an additional three (3) piece figure set cast in the retro M.U.S.C.L.E. colorway!  Free of charge!
Zombie Disuko Smasher 12Zombie Disuko Smasher will be limited to a hand numbered edition of seven (7) and will be available HERE for $12.

“Sanitarium Massacre” – 80’s Style Slasher PC Game from Pig Farmer Productions

Neokalus Burr, a notorious serial killer, is caught in a violent and deadly home invasion. Shot nearly to death by the police, he is locked away in a state hospital for the mentally ill. Tonight, after 8 mute years staring at a wall, he escapes from his cell on a campaign of destruction and terror. It is almost as if he is possessed by a demon, You are that demon. Rip through the halls of the sanitarium committing shocking acts of violence. No one will be safe. You will kill them all in “SANITARIUM MASSACRE”!

Scheduled for release sometime next year, Pig Farmer Productions “Sanitarium Massacre” was originally conceived as an unlicensed Halloween game.  However, the game’s producers feared potential legal action from the license holders of the Halloween franchise.  So, they retooled the Michael Myers graphics, nixed the John Carpenter music and “Sanitarium Massacre” was born.  The game will be released in special edition retro packaging mimicking the look of an old school VHS tape box.

Sanitarium Massacre CD-ROM

“Sanitarium Massacre” will feature:

  • Swappable masks and costumes
  • Old school Resident Evil/Silent Hill style camera angles
  • Realistic decapitations and gore featuring unique deaths for each weapon
  • VHS box style menus with stats and rankings
  • Two video modes:  VHS and DVD –  DVD will be crisp and clear while flipping to VHS mode the game will look like a dirty old tape with scan lines and everything

I personally am really looking forward to this game.  It has all that 1980’s, low budget slasher movie charm with classic Playstation (PSX) style graphics and I really appreciate all of the little retro touches thrown in, especially the the VHS mode.

Keep an eye on Pig Farmer Games for “Sanitarium Massacre” release date and purchasing info.