Razor PowerGlove Productions Friday The 13th NES Physical Strategy Guide

The cats over at Razor Powerglove Productions put together a physical strategy guide for the classic NES disaterpiece Friday the 13th.

During this quick video preview of the guide, they show off a merchandise section and Jack’s Attic gets a shout out (at about the 4:49 mark) for our 8Bit13 Kill People release and our cutout Halloween masks of Jason and Pamela.

These strategy guides are eventually going up for sale, so be sure to keep an eye on Razor PowerGlove Productions Facebook page for more info.


31 Days of Horror – Day 16: Manhunt (Playstation 2)

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-16Controversy abounds with this nasty little gem from Rockstar. In Manhunt you play as James Earl Cash, a death row inmate who on the night of his execution is kidnapped and forced to participate in a series of live “snuff” films. At it’s heart, Manhunt is a stealth game as you sneak through a series of decaying urban settings avoiding detection and ultimately death. Being outnumbered and out armed, Cash must hide in the shadows only emerging to kill an enemy until none remain. Patience and restraint is paid off with some of the most realistically depicted video game violence as Cash dispatches his enemies. The kills pushed the envelope when it came to on screen violence and the game was banned in several countries. Dark, gritty, and violent the game is scored with a superb, ominous synth soundtrack reminiscent of John Carpenter’s early work. The whole Manhunt experience comes across as a super violent interactive movie (especially when you kill someone and the screen goes all VHS and has tracking lines and “REC” in the upper corner).

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 2

31 Days of Horror Day 2

Slender:  The Arrival (2013) from Blue Isle Studios

“One of the most terrifying games in recent memory.”

From GameSpot.com:

“As a sort-of myth born on the Internet, Slender Man is probably one of the first genuinely compelling monsters to grace pop culture in a long time. The related games and their variants and mods, as well as the stories and YouTube videos surrounding them, show the genesis of 21st century folklore. While a little rough around the edges, The Arrival is fascinating because it plays on modern fears through a modern medium. For that, it has managed to breathe new life into a genre once thought dead. Slender is not an experience you will soon forget, and at $10, is priced just about right for its short length. Just be sure to play at night with headphones for full effect. Good luck.”

8-Bit Videogame Halloween Cut Out Mask #3 – “Scary Burn Man”

8-Bit Videogame Halloween Cut Out Mask 3 BLOGThis Halloween cut out mask began to appear on the sides of A&P grocery bags in Springwood, Ohio sometime in mid-September of 1989.

Through a sponsorship with The Springwood Shopper, Perkin’s Pumpkin Farm and the Costume Corner, A&P would give out special “Halloween treat bags” on Halloween night to any child who trick-or-treated at the store wearing the “Scary Burn Man” mask.  As such not many of the bags survived the Halloween season intact.

This example is from the Springwood District Library archives courtesy of head librarian Evelyn Lantz.
Scary Burn Man Library PhotoDownload your own “Scary Burn Man” Halloween cut out mask HERE!