The Zombie Reporting Center

We here at Jack’s Attic wanted to give an appreciative tip of the hat to the fine undead gentlemen at The Zombie Reporting Center.  They recently featured our latest handmade, dark art pendant, Baron Samedi on their site.

For those of you that do not know The Zombie Reporting Center is THE foremost authority on all things shambling and pulseless.  With an amazingly thorough archive of zombie movies, books, comics, video games, action figures, clothing and now jewelry, they are without a shadow of a doubt your one stop zombie shop.  With articles and reviews smartly written by people that not only love but really know their zombies this is a site you need to bookmark and check out on a daily basis.  You’ll find something new just about everyday.

So, go check ’em out and don’t forget to aim for the head.


Baron Samedi – New Limited Edition Dark Art Pendant Design

Baron Samedi Front Bundle

Today, November 2 is the “Day of the Dead” known in Voodoo as “Fet Gede”. It is the day to honor the dead and pay tribute to Baron Samedi. In the religion of Voodoo, Baron Samedi is the spirit who stands at the crossroads of this life and the next. It is believed that he also has the power to awaken the dead.

Baron Samedi 3/4 Side

In honor of “Fet Gede” we here at Jack’s Attic proudly offer a new, limited edition, dark art pendant depicting a freshly risen ghoul. Our tribute to the Baron. This design has been hand stamped and colored and given the same careful attention to detail and craftsmanship that one would expect from Jack’s Attic. Only five pieces of this particular design have been made and once they are purchased they will never be duplicated. Each piece has been hand numbered and dated to commemorate the “Day of the Dead”.

Baron Samedi Front Low

These limited edition, dark art pendants are now available for purchase in our Etsy Shoppe.