New Batch of Handmade, Dark Art Pendants on eBay

Be sure to stop by our eBay Shoppe as we have just listed a new batch of handmade, dark art pendants. All auctions start at just $9.99 which is over half off our regular Shoppe prices. If you get out bid or can’t wait until the auction ends stop by our Etsy Shoppe and addContinue reading “New Batch of Handmade, Dark Art Pendants on eBay”

Baron Samedi – New Limited Edition Dark Art Pendant Design

Today, November 2 is the “Day of the Dead” known in Voodoo as “Fet Gede”. It is the day to honor the dead and pay tribute to Baron Samedi. In the religion of Voodoo, Baron Samedi is the spirit who stands at the crossroads of this life and the next. It is believed that heContinue reading “Baron Samedi – New Limited Edition Dark Art Pendant Design”

The 100 Candle Game

This is a game I saw showcased on the A&E show Paranormal State. It was believed to have been a right of passage and test of courage for Samurai in feudal Japan. I suggested we play it at our Halloween Party this year and I was glad I did. It involves lighting 100 candles (weContinue reading “The 100 Candle Game”

Jack’s Attic on eBay

A new batch of our handmade, dark art pendants has been placed up for auction in our eBay Shoppe. The starting bid is only $1.

New Listings on eBay Tonight.

Greetings all.  Check back in later this evening as Jack’s Attic will be listing a new batch of handmade, dark art pendants up for auction in our eBay Shoppe.  As per usual, all auctions will begin at just $1.  If you get outbid or cannot wait to add that desired piece to your collection be sure to stopContinue reading “New Listings on eBay Tonight.”

All Handmade, Dark Art Pendants Now $20!

As promised, here is our very important announcement regarding our entire catalogue of handmade, dark art pendants: As of today, October 19, 2008, the price of all regular collection pendants has been reduced from $35 to $20. All product listings in our Etsy Shoppe have already been amended to reflect this new price change andContinue reading “All Handmade, Dark Art Pendants Now $20!”

All New Photographs Showcasing Our Pendant Designs

We here at Jack’s Attic like to keep things looking fresh and like to update the photography showcasing our collection of handmade, dark art jewelry. So it is with great pride that we present out latest selection of photographs depicting our catalogue of products. Also don’t forget to stop by our Etsy Shoppe as wellContinue reading “All New Photographs Showcasing Our Pendant Designs”

Never Ask About Your Own Death – New Dark Art Pendant Now Available

“Never Ask About Your Own Death”, the latest handcrafted, dark art pendant offered by Jack’s Attic is now available for purchase in our Etsy Shoppe as well as up for auction in out eBay Shoppe. Bidding has begun at just $1. “The old timers warned us about dabbling with the channeling board. Especially this closeContinue reading “Never Ask About Your Own Death – New Dark Art Pendant Now Available”

New Pendant Design Reminder and Announcement Teaser

Just a reminder: Tomorrow evening, October 17, 2008, Jack’s Attic will be debuting a new handmade, dark art pendant design. This new design will be available for purchase through our Etsy Shoppe as well as up for auction through our Ebay Shoppe. As always bidding will begin at $1. Also be sure to stop backContinue reading “New Pendant Design Reminder and Announcement Teaser”