Dead Charlotte – Bootleg Resin Action Figure (Candy Corn Edition) 10.24.2015

DeadCharlotteCandyCornFinal3This release is a Halloween themed variant on our Vintage Line Dead Charlotte figure.
DeadCharlotteCandyCornFinal1The set features three (3) separate figures (yellow, orange and white) each of which have a slightly different head pose.
DeadCharlotteCandyCornFinal2Packaged in a resealable poly bag attached to a custom header card this Dead Charlotte Candy Corn Edition set is limited to ten (10) hand cast sets.DeadCharlotteCandyCornFinal4Dead Charlotte – Candy Corn Edition will be available in our STORE on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST for only $10.


Dead Charlotte: Bootleg resin mini-figure available NOW!

Dead Charlotte Available HERE NOW!


Dead Charlotte – Bootleg Resin Mini-Figure 8.21.15


Dead Charlotte is the latest bootleg resin mini-figure release from Jack’s Attic.

Drawing inspiration from an 1843 cautionary poem, Dead Charlotte is the first in what will be an ongoing series of antiquated releases dubbed, “the vintage line”.

DeadCharlotteFinal5Cast in bone white resin, Dead Charlotte will come packaged in a natural, kraft chipboard box with a vintage style outer sleeve.

DeadCharlotteFinal6Each individually numbered figure will be wrapped in a worn piece of flannel secured with a length of natural jute cord and come nestled in a bed of aged Spanish moss.

DeadCharlotteFinal9Standing just under two (2) inches tall, Dead Charlotte has been carefully hand distressed to give her an aged look.  Coupled with the vintage packaging the overall experience invokes a dated feeling.  Of finding a forgotten treasure tucked away in a dark corner of your grandparent’s attic.  Something from an earlier time.  Something strange and a bit dark.

DeadCharlotteFinal11      Dead Charlotte will be available in a limited edition of 50 hand cast, painted and packaged figures.  Stop by Jack’s STORE on Friday, August 21, 2015, at 12:30 PM EST, to pick one up for only $8. DeadCharlotteFinal14Also available on the 21st will be a deluxe two (2) figure set limited to 10 pieces.DeadCharlotteFinal12Packaged in a hinged, metal tin this set will feature a standard “bone” Dead Charlotte figure and a ghostly glow-in-the-dark version as well.DeadCharlotteFinal13This two (2) piece deluxe edition will be available for $13.

The Death of Love (Blue Variant) Art Fire Exclusive

Death of Love (Blue)

everything’s blue
everything’s blue in this world
all fuzzy
spilling out of my head

the deepest shade
all spilling
he couldn’t believe how easy it was
the deepest shade of mushroom blue
everything’s blue in this world
a lifetime of fucking things up fixed
a lifetime of
the deepest shade
all fuzzy

The Downward Spiral (The Bottom) – Nine Inch Nails

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Pendant Gallery

In the process of tiddying up the computer and camera we found a memory card with some photos we neglected to upload. We thought we’d post them here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Death Reach Side





Any of these pendant designs can be purchased through our Etsy Shoppe.

New Batch of Handmade, Dark Art Pendants on eBay

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Be sure to stop by our eBay Shoppe as we have just listed a new batch of handmade, dark art pendants. All auctions start at just $9.99 which is over half off our regular Shoppe prices. If you get out bid or can’t wait until the auction ends stop by our Etsy Shoppe and add that desired piece to your collection today.

The 100 Candle Game

This is a game I saw showcased on the A&E show Paranormal State. It was believed to have been a right of passage and test of courage for Samurai in feudal Japan. I suggested we play it at our Halloween Party this year and I was glad I did. It involves lighting 100 candles (we lit as many candles as there were guests). You then turn off all the lights in the house, all of them. Next each person takes a turn telling a TRUE ghost or supernatural story. The tale doesn’t have to be a first hand account but it must be true. After each person tells their story they blow out their candle. As each story is told the room gets darker and darker until you are sitting in pitch darkness. It is said that the “game” is an evocation and by the time the room is shrouded in darkness a spirit will manifest itself. We played our 100 candle game in a house known to be haunted and by the end of the game, three different people reported seeing the same thing; a glowing orb in the upper corner of a closet. One of them also said that they had seen a tall black shape pass in front of the orb. The owner of the house said that while one of the stories was being told he saw something moving in his kitchen. All of us were in the living room at that time and no one else was in the house. Also when I was telling my story all of us heard a loud popping noise come from the kitchen.

It was a truly creepy experience and as the room got darker and darker the excitement and fear grew. It’s an easy game to set up, you just need some friends and some candles and you’re all set. Just be warned that when you’re done you may have a few new guests amongst you. HERE is a link to a small article on the games origins.

Jack’s Attic on eBay

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A new batch of our handmade, dark art pendants has been placed up for auction in our eBay Shoppe. The starting bid is only $1.