Sifting Through The Evidence

We wrapped up the Ghost Hunters Weekend at the Terrace Inn in Petoskey yesterday.  While we didn’t see any apparitions or hear anything ghostly as we conducted our investigation, we have over an hour of audio and video footage to sift through.  We’ll let you know what we find.

31 Days of Horror – Day 10

Salute Your Shorts – Season 2, Episode 2:  The Ghost Story. Budnick tells the rest of the kids at Camp Anawanna the ghost story legend of Zeke the Plumber: “A long time ago there was a guy named Zeke.  He used to clean out the toilets here at camp.  But the smell didn’t bother himContinue reading “31 Days of Horror – Day 10”

famiCART! Video Game Cartridge Art Exhibition

Spawned from the “My Famicase” shows in Japan, famiCART! is an art exhibition featuring video game artwork created for imaginary Nintendo (NES) and Famicom titles. famiCART! is the brainchild of Alana Dunitz the Retro Gamer Girl and Nathan White of Video Games Are Rad fame. They’re accepting submissions through September 21, 2012, and will feature piecesContinue reading “famiCART! Video Game Cartridge Art Exhibition”