31 Days of Horror – Day 10

Salute Your Shorts – Season 2, Episode 2:  The Ghost Story.

Budnick tells the rest of the kids at Camp Anawanna the ghost story legend of Zeke the Plumber:

“A long time ago there was a guy named Zeke.  He used to clean out the toilets here at camp.  But the smell didn’t bother him because see Zeke didn’t have a nose.  When he was in the army he got his nose bit off by a parrot in the Philippines.  One day, Zeke’s outside digging a hole and he hits a pipe, a gas pipe.  Because he can’t smell the leaking gas, he makes a big mistake and lights a match.  BOOM!  Zeke was a human party popper.  Besides part of his upper lip all they ever found of Zeke was this,” *produces a toilet plunger, carefully holding it with a bandanna wrapped around the handle*.  *Michael grabs the plunger and says, “What’s the big deal?  My dad has one of these at home.”*  Budnick continues, “But your dad’s probably doesn’t have a curse on it.   They say ol’ Zeke the Plumber’s ghost still walks around Camp Anawanna looking for his plunger.  Anyone who touches it will be haunted in their dreams.  Now he walks around with a big ugly mask on his face because it was scorched.  Sweet dreams.  Hahahahahaha.”

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