31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 15

The Houses October Built (2014) “Beneath the fake blood and cheap masks of countless haunted house attractions across the country, there are whispers of truly terrifying alternatives. Looking to find an authentic, blood-curdling good fright for Halloween, five friends set off on a road trip in an RV to track down these underground Haunts. JustContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 15”

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 10

The Bates Haunted Sawmill in Millington, Michigan isn’t your average Halloween haunted attraction. While the premise is the same as every other haunted spook house (you pay for a ticket, walk through a staged horror production made up of different scenes, have a few scares and a few laughs and then you’re done) the executionContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 10”