31 Days of Horror – Day 2: Dogman Double Feature

31-Days-of-Horror-2015-2Set in and filmed in northern Michigan, this local thriller is a solid, low budget affair dripping with a ton of atmosphere, has a solid script and above par acting for a smaller film. From MichiganDogman.com: “Dogman follows Hanklin Purvis, a strong-willed outdoorsman, and his wife Dorothy, as they face a series of mysterious events. Things are disappearing from their farm, strange sounds emanate from the woods, and people are being attacked by something they are too frightened even to describe. The terror grows when a century-old scrapbook reveals that this creature has appeared before, and that encounters with him can be deadly.” While I’ve seen the original Dogman, Dogman II – Wrath of the Litter, I’ll be watching for the first time tonight.


Shadowed Michigan Trading Cards – Series No. 1

A series of retro-styled trading cards showcasing the mysteries, monsters, hauntings and unexplained phenomenon that make up the darkly rich history that is Shadowed Michigan.

Series No. 1 Checklist:
Card No. 1: The Witchy Wolves
Card No. 2: Genevieve Stickney
Card No. 3: The Death of Houdini
Card No. 4: Complaint No. 00967
Card No. 5: Pressie

Packs containing all 5 Series No. 1 cards are now available in our Artfire Shop for $6.

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