Headcheese – Bootleg Resin Action Figure – NOW AVAILABLE!

Modeled after the timeless peg figures of our childhood, Kill People reflects a more modern, less innocent and decidedly more dangerous form of play. Available NOW! HERE! “The Kill People are ready to launch little ones into a world of disturbing play with homicidal toys designed for little hands.” – Mother’s Day October 1978 issueContinue reading “Headcheese – Bootleg Resin Action Figure – NOW AVAILABLE!”

Headcheese – The next bootleg resin figure from Jack’s Attic

Headcheese – The next Kill People bootleg resin figure release from Jack’s Attic. Dropping Friday, August 19 at 12:30 PM EST. Available in our store HERE.

Leatherface – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990) – Teaser Trailer

One of my all time favorite teaser trailers. A mystical hand emerges from the still waters to bestow upon Leatherface his signature implement of destruction. This imagery draws heavy inspiration from the legend of the Lady of the Lake and her presenting King Arthur with the might Excalibur. Epic!