Friday the 13th Blu-ray Art and Specs


Here is the final cover art for the eagerly awaited debut of Friday the 13th on Blu-ray.  It’s pretty classy if you ask me.  It’s a reworking of sorts of the original Friday poster art.  A nice update with a tip of the hat to the original.  I especially like the knife being the “1” in 13.  Very nice indeed.

Finally we here in the United States will be able to watch the original Friday the 13th in all of it’s uncut glory, or should that be gory?  Even better is being able to watch all the carnage in crystal clear high definition.

Here is a list of the confirmed special features:

• Commentary by Director Sean Cunningham
• Other: Friday the 13th Reunion – in High Definition
• Other: Fresh Cuts: New Tales from “Friday the 13th” in High Definition
• Other: The Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham in High Definition
• Other: Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 1 in High Definition
• Other: The Friday the 13th Chronicles – Part 1
• Other: Secrets Galore Behind the Gore – Tom Savini on Part 1
• Trailers: Theatrical Trailer in High Definition

All this goodness comes to us on February 9, 2009.

It seems that Paramount has gone all out for this release.  I really didn’t expect F13 to get this type of top notch treatment but I guess with the remake opening just a few days later on February 13, 2009, they decided to throw the original some love.

Also on February 9, 2009, Paramount will be releasing Friday the 13th Part 2 and 3 in deluxe formats.  Alas they will only be released on standard definition DVD at this time.  Here’s hoping Blu-ray releases are not too far behind.  The good news for now is that Friday the 13th Part 3 will be released in honest to goodness 3D!  This edition even comes complete with 4 sets of 3D glasses.

No matter how you cut it (pun intended) the week of February 9th through the 13th of 2009, will be one that fans of Friday the 13th have looked forward to and will not forget for a long time.

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