31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 1

The season of the witch is upon us.  In carrying on with the tradition started back in 2010, I’ll be watching at least one horror movie, playing one horror video game or otherwise indulging in some horror related media (books, magazines, boardgames etc.) each day of October until Halloween. I start this year’s horror celebrationContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 1”

Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Damn you Anchor Bay!  How many times are you bastards going to make me buy this movie?! This is Anchor Bay’s second Blu-ray treatment of John Carpenter’s seminal slasher masterpiece, Halloween.  Their first release back in October of 2007 was met with mixed reviews.  While most welcomed the new high-def transfer and 5.1 upgrade toContinue reading “Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray”

31 Days of Horror – Day 12

                Halloween II (1981) – Collector’s Edition Released by Shout! Factory (although in an awesome little touch the Shout! Factory logo has been modified to say Scream! Factory) this is the definitive Blu-ray version of Halloween II.  Last year Universal released a 30th Anniversary Edition of Halloween II that everyone thought was going to beContinue reading “31 Days of Horror – Day 12”

31 Days of Horror – Day 6

Henry Rollins battles a clan of inbred, cannibalistic hillbillies. Given Rollins’ status as certified badass I’m still not convinced that Wrong Turn 2 is a movie. Part of me wants to believe that it’s a documentary of how Henry spent a weekend in the backwoods of West Virginia kicking redneck ass.

31 Days of Horror – Day 1

October has descended upon us and with it Halloween and the best time of the year to indulge in all things horror.  In 2010 my friend Jon started a tradition of watching nothing but horror movies during the month of October.  Last year I joined in on the fun and managed to hit almost everydayContinue reading “31 Days of Horror – Day 1”

Horror in High Def

In a continued effort to stay on top of the high definition horror scene here is a complete list of all upcoming Blu-ray horror movie releases. Updates to follow. August 17, 2010 Dexter: The Complete Fourth Season (Paramount) Dexter: The Complete Seasons 1 – 4 (Paramount) August 24, 2010 Death Note Collection (Warner Brothers) SurvivalContinue reading “Horror in High Def”