Old School Horror Game End Screen: A Nightmare on Elm Street – NES

NOES NES Opening
You stayed up late, put off personal hygiene, hanging out with friends and practically crippled your thumbs in the process but you finally did it. You finally beat that game you’ve been playing every day after school for the past three months. For your dedication, keen hand/eye skills and perseverance your reward is finally there before you. You hold your breath in anticipation, afraid to even blink.

And then it happens, a huge, uninspired totally not worth all the time and effort, colossal let down.

Video games from the 80’s and 90’s were notorious for having the worst endings. Even great games, considered classics by today’s standards fell victim to this. It was like the writers and programmers used up all of their collective efforts designing the game and storyline and had nothing left in the tanks to hammer out a decent ending. Most endings were no more than a tacked on, single screen with a quick congratulatory message and maybe some small bit of animation.

So, in an effort to exercise the demons I’ve long suffered due to lazy game designers I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite (favorite does not mean good) old school, horror video game end screens. Starting off with A Nightmare on Elm Street on the Nintendo Entertainment System.
NOES Ending
After battling several incarnations of Freddy, gathering up all of his bones and then burning them in a furnace, that last screen is what you get. Nightmare indeed.

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