The Horrors of….. Garfield?

Published in 1984, “Garfield: His 9 Lives” is a book of comic style short stories written by Garfield creator Jim Davis and featuring illustrations from various artists. Each chapter represents one of Garfield’s nine lives. While most of the stories consist of typical Garfield style writing and art, a few of the stories are all together darker and down right scary or disturbing. Getting my hands on a copy of this from my towns local bookmobile when I was no more than 10 or 11, I thought I was going to be opening up another lighthearted Garfield comic strip collection. How wrong I was. One story in particular, “The Primal Self” scared the hell out of me and still to this day conjures up a dark and curious childhood fear.



Published by Jack

Graphic designer fixated on retro video games, horror movies, trading cards, bootleg action figures and professional wrestling.

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