Crime Suspenstories #22 – The Most Infamous Comic Book Cover of All Time

Crime Suspenstories #22 E.C. Comics April/May 1954 Cover artist:  Johnny Craig Once called the “most notorious cover illustration” of all time Johnny Craig’s artwork for E.C. Comics Crime Suspenstories #22 shredded the moral fiber of 1954 America. The centerpiece of the Senate Committee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, the cover of Crime Suspenstories #22 became the focalContinue reading “Crime Suspenstories #22 – The Most Infamous Comic Book Cover of All Time”

The Horrors of….. Garfield?

Published in 1984, “Garfield: His 9 Lives” is a book of comic style short stories written by Garfield creator Jim Davis and featuring illustrations from various artists. Each chapter represents one of Garfield’s nine lives. While most of the stories consist of typical Garfield style writing and art, a few of the stories are allContinue reading “The Horrors of….. Garfield?”