Resident Evil (PSX) Uncensored Opening vs. Censored Opening

Released on March 22, 1996, in Japan and known there as Biohazard, this is the full, uncensored version of the opening cinematic that was extremely cut when the game was released as Resident Evil here in the United States.

Most notably the color was completely washed out making the intro of the US version black and white. Also in the US version when Joseph finds the severed hand in the weeds the picture freezes before he brings the bloody stump into frame. The blood sprays as the Cerberus get shot are completely cut out and the US version also shows a different character profile for Chris Redfield; one in which he doesn’t light up a cigarette.

All in all, we got cheated in the US. It was even worse when Capcom promised to reintroduce all of the uncensored footage into Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. However, when released all of the cutscenes were unchanged form the previous game. Capcom claimed the uncensored opening was left out as a result of a localization mistake made by the developers. They eventually offered the uncensored intro as a free download from their website as a consolation.

Below you can check out the censored, US version of the introduction.

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