31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 28

31 Days of Horror 2013 Day 28Tales from the Darkside – Season 1 Episode 7, Inside the Closet (Original air date:  November 21, 1984)

Directed by special effects master Tom Savini, this episode of the criminally underrated horror series finds a young co-ed renting a room from a peculiar anthropology professor.  Soon after she finds that a strange, small, locked closet in her room hides a terrible secret.

Published by Jack

Graphic designer fixated on retro video games, horror movies, trading cards, bootleg action figures and professional wrestling.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 28

    1. I think a lot of the lack of love for Tales from the Darkside was that it didn’t have the star power (in front of and behind the camera) that Tales from the Crypt did. Plus, it was originally aired on network television and subject to more toned down subject matter. Had it been on cable with a bit larger budget, I could have seen it giving Tales from the Crypt a run for it’s money.

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