31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 29

31 Days of Horror Day 29It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966)

The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin; while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween party.


31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 19

31 Days of Horror Day 19King of the Hill – Season 2 Episode 4:  “Hilloween”

Hank tries to teach Bobby the true meaning of Halloween all the while luring him away from a fanatical church patron who deems the holiday evil and gets trick or treating banned in Arlen.

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 16

31 Days of Horror Day 16The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Disney (1949)

Disney’s timeless animated Halloween masterpiece is a seminal part of the required holiday viewing around the Jack’s Attic household.

Narrated and sung by the legendary golden throated entertainer, Bing Crosby, this truncated re-telling of Washington Irving’s classic tale hits all the main beats of the original story.  It manages to be a wee bit scary (relatively speaking) while still holding on to the family friendly virtues that Disney is so well known for.  The animation sill holds up by today’s standards with rich vibrant colors belying the fact that its 65 years old!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch this as a kid when it would air each Halloween season on the network stations, definitely pick it up on Blu-ray, DVD or digital download and watch it with the family.  I guarantee it will become a Halloween favorite.

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 12

31 Days of Horror Day 12Ghost Adventures – Season 5 Episode 6

The Ghost Adventures Crew heads to the abandoned Letchworth Village in Rockland County, New York, a former residential community for the disabled and mentally ill which was closed after the media discovered that patients were tortured and some of the staff were mistreated.

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 1

It’s that time of the year again.  A time when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead begins to weaken and thin.  A time for a celebration of all things ghastly and macabre.  When indulging in the darker side of life is not only tolerated but expected and relished.

In keeping with a tradition that started back in 2010, I’ll be watching at least one horror movie or television show, playing one horror video game or otherwise engaging  in some horror related media (books, magazines, boardgames etc.) each day of October until Halloween.  So, with that being said:

Let’s begin with Day 1

31 Days of Horror Day 1Roseanne was one of the greatest and most beloved sitcoms to ever air on broadcast television.  It chronicled the working class, suburban exploits of Roseanne Connor, her husband Dan and their children Becky, Darlene and DJ.  With a realistic depiction of small time life in the Midwest, Roseanne was instantly relatable to a wide audience who recognized not only themselves and their family in the shows characters and storylines but also the familiar day to day drudgery that when viewed from just the right angle was really funny.

Roseanne’s yearly Halloween episodes began during season two in 1989 and ran through the shows final (9th) season in 1996.  Much like the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror, the annual Roseanne Halloween episodes were instant classics.  The earlier episodes especially still stand out as favorites amongst fans.

The Halloween episodes proved to be so popular that they were collected together on:  Roseanne Tricks & Treats, a DVD showcasing every Halloween special from season two through nine.  Pick up your own copy on Amazon for a paltry $5.98.

31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 28

31 Days of Horror 2013 Day 28Tales from the Darkside – Season 1 Episode 7, Inside the Closet (Original air date:  November 21, 1984)

Directed by special effects master Tom Savini, this episode of the criminally underrated horror series finds a young co-ed renting a room from a peculiar anthropology professor.  Soon after she finds that a strange, small, locked closet in her room hides a terrible secret.