31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 11

31 Days of Horror Day 11Slaughter Tales (2012)

Writer/director/actor/cinematographer Johnny Dickie’s micro-budgeted ($65), shot on video (SOV) feature film is a retro throwback to 1980’s slasher and anthology films.

From IMDb:

“After a teen steals a VHS tape titled “Slaughter Tales” from a yard sale, he seals his fate by ignoring a ghostly apparition in his bath tub and watches the stolen tape.  As the movie progresses, simple nightmares turn into reality as evil is released from the tape”

While super rough and not executed all that well, Slaughter Tales stays surprisingly entertaining throughout its 90 minute running time.  Most of that is due to the obvious passion young Dickie (he was a mere 15 years old when he began filming) acting as a one man production crew puts into the making of the film.

A fun little movie that I can imagine a young Steven Spielberg may have made had he owned a video camera as a kid.



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