31 Days of Horror 2014 – Day 14

31 Days of Horror Day 14Cherry Falls (2000)

Director Geoffery (Romper Stomper) Wright’s criminally under seen horror flick slid in under the radar at the end of the post-modern slasher wave following Scream in 1996.  Adding to its obscurity is the fact that Cherry Falls failed to secure a theatrical release.

It’s a shame too.  Cherry Falls very deftly balances all the hallmarks of your typical slasher piece with a nice splash of quirky comedy for good measure.  And while it sticks to the tried and true tenants that make a slasher flick a slasher flick (horny teens, drugs and alcohol, doubting parents etc.) it adds a new wrinkle by introducing Lora Lee Sherman, one of the filmdoms few lady slashers.

All of this coupled with a passable story and some really decent acting by Brittany Murphy (RIP), Michael Biehn, Michael Weston and Jay Mohr and you have a solid little slasher that is definitely worth a look.

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