8-Bit Videogame Halloween Cut Out Mask #2 “Pamela”

This cut out mask was originally printed in the October 1989 Halloween “Fun Pages” of the Crystal Lake Gazette. Reproduced here with permission. Download your own “Pamela” Halloween cut out mask HERE!

Crystal Lake Prom – 8-Bit Edition – Now Available – $20

$20.  Now.  Here. Dust off that old gaming console. It’s time to head back to Crystal Lake during a simpler more pixelated time. Crystal Lake Prom – 8-Bit Edition is limited to only five (5)  pieces, stands a lofty 6 inches tall and features three (3) points of magnetic articulation. Each piece will arrive polyContinue reading “Crystal Lake Prom – 8-Bit Edition – Now Available – $20”

Crystal Lake Prom: 8-Bit Edition – 8.22.2014

Dropping this Friday, August 22, 2014 at 12:30 PM EST, is a variant on our Crystal Lake Prom bootleg resin action figure. It’s a pretty typical school year at Crystal Lake High. There’s a group of happy children attending the prom. You and your six friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the musicContinue reading “Crystal Lake Prom: 8-Bit Edition – 8.22.2014”

31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 14

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Nintendo Entertainment System 1989) “Something frightening has been happening on Elm Street lately. It seems that with each waking day another gruesome discovery is made… another neighborhood teen has mysteriously passed away into the dark stillness of the night. Everyone says it’s “natural causes,” but it seems as if somethingContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 14”

31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 7

Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1991) Originally released in Japan on Halloween in 1991, as Akumajō Dorakyura (Devil’s Castle Dracula) Super Castlevania IV was the franchises first foray into the 16-bit era.  The game is more or less a re-imagining of the original Castlevania but with the obvious graphical and audio upgrades theContinue reading “31 Days of Horror 2013 – Day 7”

famiCART! Video Game Cartridge Art Exhibition

Spawned from the “My Famicase” shows in Japan, famiCART! is an art exhibition featuring video game artwork created for imaginary Nintendo (NES) and Famicom titles. famiCART! is the brainchild of Alana Dunitz the Retro Gamer Girl and Nathan White of Video Games Are Rad fame. They’re accepting submissions through September 21, 2012, and will feature piecesContinue reading “famiCART! Video Game Cartridge Art Exhibition”