Shoppe Announcement and The Coffin of Giles Corey

Jack’s Attic Shoppe located HERE will officially be opening for your patronage on September 22, 2008, the day of the autumnal equinox. We will be offering a selection of our first six dark art pendant designs. In the coming days prior to the opening of the Shoppe we will be showcasing individual designs here at It will afford you, the patron, an opportunity to peruse our selection prior to the Shoppe opening. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our catalogue of items please either direct them towards: or respond accordingly with a comment in the appropriate blog update.

Our first dark art pendant design that will be showcased is The Coffin of Giles Corey.

Coffin of Giles Corey Front

“About noon at Salem, Giles Cory was pressed to death for standing mute; much pains was used with him two days, one after another, by the court and Captain Gardner of Nantucket who had been of his acquaintance, but all in vain..”

A farmer in early colonial America, Giles Corey, died under judicial torture during the Salem witch trials. He had been accused of witchcraft by Ann Putnam, Jr., Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams. He refused to enter a plea and was crushed to death by stone weights, in an attempt to force him to do so. His last and only words to the authorities attending the trial were “more weight”.

He died on September 19, 1692, at approximately 12 o’clock p.m.

Coffin of Giles Corey 3/4 View

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