What Goes into a Jack’s Attic Dark Art Pendant?

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Each handcrafted pendant originates from a re-purposed two (2) inch by one (1) inch standard domino.

The domino is hand shaped and stained to give it a worn, weathered appearance and the impression of carved stone. The pendant is hand printed and the image is then distressed to further add to the pieces overall sense of antiquity.

A hole is then drilled into the domino and an antiqued split ring is attached. We do not glue findings or bails to our pieces because over time glue can weaken and break. We use split rings aside from standard jump rings to not only add aesthetic appeal to the piece but also because they are much more durable and assure a solid connection.

Finally, each piece is finished with an adjustable, natural dyed, antiqued brown, genuine leather cord. The leather cord accommodates lengths ranging from 14 inches to 28 inches, allowing the piece to be worn as a choker or as more traditional necklace.

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With each piece we strive to craft a collectible, wearable artwork that not only appears to be timeless but will undoubtedly last you many, many years to come.

Pendant Model Male 2

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